What is the butterfly effect? 
It’s a scientific fact that when a butterfly flutters north (for example)
the wind is affected by its little wings, and the effect grows
while the wind sweeps across the land until it causes a huge impact
when it reaches the other side.
Best created this program with the same concept. A small tiny step that will cause a huge impact in the future.

What do we offer?
We have four branches so that you can select one service from each:
Educational Support
Personality Development
Lifestyle Consultancy

When you click here, you will go to the site with the full details about what is included in the program.  If you want to skip that and go for the pricing, please click here. We have pricing that suits everyone’s budget. You also can click here to get a free consultation session, and know about the free trial that you can receive without any hidden payments.
Our program is applicable online and on-site.  On-site is only in Sharjah, Dubai, and Ajman. Soon to be applicable in other locations.
The ages for the program start from 8 years old, and have no limits beyond that. We have special packages for groups of more than 7 participants.