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All of the above comes with:

  • 50% discount for Therapy sessions.  Valid for six month for each participant, with a maximum use of twice a month. 

  • 20 % discount on any service received from Best for one year from the date of signing the contract. 

  • We have special offers for long-term agreements and organizations. 

  • We have payment facilities and monthly installments; please email us to find out more about the conditions. 

  • Our offline coaching price is 36.25 $ per participant. 

  • For a group of seven or more the price is $31.25 per participant.

  • Our coaching sessions are between two to seven hours long for the offline option, including a coffee break. 

  • The online sessions are between an hour to three hours long. 

  • The online training prices are fixed for individuals and groups: $21.25 per participant.

  • We don't charge per hour for training.

  • A Participation Certificate with a special TOC stamp that is the first of its kind will be provided.