Self Mastery over Self Sabotage!

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Prices for the services listed below are fixed: 

The full program costs $550 per person

For a group of up to seven people: $450 per person

For a group of up to seven to fifteen people: $350 per person

We accept online payment only. You will only pay when you receive your invoice with the payment details in the company's business account. We have facilities and flexibility in the payment process. Fill the inquiry box below to find out more, or email here.

Offline is coming soon with more services and free activities. 

All of the above comes with:

  • The Saboteur assessment and PQ score.

  • A weekly 1-hr video for 6 weeks.

  • Download and use interactive apps for  20 min daily - one year access for practice.                       

  • 60 minute weekly meeting with a pod group facilitated by the Coach.​

  • A monthly therapy session for free, activated once you are done with the program and valid for six month.

  • A free selfcare guidance book tailored to match your lifestyle that costs $21.25 to $56.25.

  • Participation in the Best broadcast program #for_you_only that will start in January 2023.