Training and Workshops 

Scheduled workshops and training programs in various fields.

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Educational Institutions

We have oriented training programs and workshops with special package prices for private schools and nurseries; government schools fall under a different category.

Our programs are available for various age groups.
We offer workshops for students, teachers, and parents. 


Our training programs and workshops can be provided to small groups, large groups, one-on-one, and more!

Find out more about our packages for university students below.

U.A.E. Government Organizations 

We offer a wide range of options in all our training programs and activities addressed to government organizations in the UAE that provide services for children and young adults.
If you work with age categories between 5 and 25 years old, please check which of our packages are suitable for you.

BEST functions 100% digitally with zero paperwork. Certificates provided by the company are sent via email, signed and stamped to uphold our standards. You may choose to print the certificate yourself.

For Children 

Inspired by the young ones, and addressed to them!
We create training programs that are charming and attention-grabbing.
When you provide a child with the right environment to grow and develop, you literally change the future.

For Hotels

We have special workshops in the fields of education, entertainment, lifestyle, and coaching for hotel guests and tourists that visit The UAE.
We also have special programs for employees and the management team.

Private sessions 

One-on-one coaching sessions with a professional trainer.
We can offer a single session, as well as other packages for short and long term commitment. 

Exploring Wisdom 

 If you're forty-five or above, we at BEST are aware that your perspective on life and everything is different than others'.  We believe you're looking for a special type of program that's designated for you; this is why we have this category. 
 This is where you can find all the BEST activities tailored to fit your mindset, lifestyle, and wisdom.