This is a three-hour workshop that gives an overall idea of how to conduct a business and become a part of the industry.

This applies to all different markets, different economies, and different regions.

How to engage with things in a business mindset

Understand the requirements you need before you start


For Business owners who are looking to refresh and renew their business appearance, clientele, target market, or open new channels for their business.


For those who have a good idea of what running a business entails, but don't know how to start.

Those with many ideas, so much so that they sometimes get lost within them.

Available in two types: a two-day workshop, each three hours long, or a one-month training program, with two-hour sessions twice a week.

This is for those who are looking to shift their career, and don't know where or how to start.


For CEOs and Business Owners who are in athe field, have their business running, and need expert guidance on how to manage their employees, and/or their clients.


For those who know exactly what they want, and have very good knowledge of the market, and business requirements, yet only need professional guidance.

Provided as a one-time five-hour workshop,

or two-day three-hour sessions.

Your choice

Contact us to choose specific training in business and career coaching whether it is for yourself, your staff, your clients, or even for a friend as a gift.